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With over 10 x 40's and 85 x 30's these are the a team you want to tick off your list!


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The res is estimated to hold between 700 to 800 hand picked carp in 24 acres of water to well over 40lb! This means there is always a good chance of a bite, with a very good chance of catch an elusive personal best you have been chasing.

Holding in excess of 85 carp over the magical 30lb mark, and over 10 of these topping 40lb+ at the right time of the year, your certainly fishing for some of the biggest day ticket carp in Essex. A very healthy average weight of around 23lb means you will be pushed to find a better chance of catching your first 20 in the Essex area. Some of the fish have been averaging in excess of 5lb per year meaning in the years to come we could be seeing our first 50 for the complex!

The lake has been carefully stocked with over 600 hand-selected carp & a handful of catfish from some of the UK's best known fish dealers, some of which we have been growing on in our stock lakes since 2006, now topping weights in excess of 85lb+. This has ensured there is a good cross section of all strains of carp including the original fisher pond mirrors, clean commons, heavily scaled mirrors, fully plated and linear's. A mixture of strains means there is a wide variety of carp to go for including some really scaley, dark characters which are certainly up there on many peoples wanted lists.

The res has 24 designated swims spaced out across 24 acres of water, therefore you have plenty of space no matter where you are on the lake. The depth of water does vary throughout the year but generally, the deepest points are approx 12 feet with a clay-based bottom. The carp get caught on a wide range of tactics: bottom baits, pop-ups, zigs (bearing in mind it is a one zig rule), and surface. Fish also getting caught in the margins, and at distance - this all depending on conditions, swims, weed beds and the time of year.

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10 over 40lb+

85 over 30lb+

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