our rules

We love our fish, and we want them in the best possible condition for when you catch them.
So please help us by always looking after them and abiding by all the following rules:

1. General Fishery Rules
All fishing is strictly by PRE-BOOKING ONLYNo one is to enter unless booked on.
The entrance gate is to be kept always locked. The gate code will be given to you prior to
your session commencing.

Anglers must always be in possession of the required number of Environmental Agency rod
No dogs, fires, firearms or weapons to be bought onto the complex whatsoever.
No under 16’s unless accompanied by a fishing adult and added onto your booking.
All litter to be taken home. Anglers will be responsible for all litter in and around their swim.
Any litter left around the fishery will result in a permanent ban from the complex.
Parking in designated areas only. Under no circumstance are vehicles allowed on the lake
banks. There are 4 car parks around the complex which are shown on the fishery map.
No damage to wildlife or property, no trespassing on surrounding land.

2. Fish Care Rules
Fish are only to be kept in landing nets or retention slings whilst all fish care equipment,
weigh slings and cameras are made ready. Please only retain fish for the minimum
amount of time, due to the shallow margins of the lake.
To avoid the danger of disease no one is allowed to enter the site with any wet
unhooking mats, nets, slings or any other equipment. Please ensure all your equipment
is bone dry before fishing.
No carp sacks to be allowed on site at any time.
No fish to be introduced or removed. We will prosecute anyone found breaking this rule.
Only large well-padded unhooking mats and weigh slings to be always used. Please
ensure that these are wetted before use and plenty of water is available when
photographing your captures.

3. Restrictions (such as barbless hooks, no leaders etc)
Strictly barbless hooks only (no micro barbed or crimped barbs).
One Zig per angler.
No Leaders or leadcore of any type. Rig tube only.
Minimum 15lb mainline. No braided mainline except on spod or marker rods.

4. Maximum number of rods
Maximum 3 rods only.

5. Payments
Full payment will be required to secure your booking via the Catch Booking System.
7. Cancellations
Should you need to cancel your session for any reason, we will need to know within 7 days of the start time on your booking in order to cancel and refund your session.

8. Your Fishery Terms
All visitors enter the site at their own risk. Berners Hall Fishery & Total Fisheries Management
accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to fishing tackle, cars, persons or any
other property how so ever caused.
No damage to wildlife or property, no trespassing on surrounding land.
All fishermen must strictly comply with all fishery rules. If in any doubt ask before fishing.
Anyone in breach of these rules will be banned. Random checks will be made by staff & bailiffs
whose word is final in all matters.
9. Swim Rules
Anglers are not permitted to leave their rods by more than one swim distance away.
Fishing is only permitted from the designated swims. Bait boats are allowed but please refer
to the lake map to see which fishing area belongs to which swim.
Always follow the swim map available on our website

Anyone in breach of these rules will be banned. Random checks will be made by staff or bailiffs

whose word is final in all matters