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tHE HOME OF 30'S, 40'S& 50's 

The reservoir

The Res... the home of big carp. Over 150x 30lb+'s,  39x 40lb+ , 2+ 50lb and countless 20's!


The lake has been carefully stocked with around 700+ hand-selected carp & 14 catfish from some of the UK’s best-known fish dealers, some of which we have been growing on in our stock lakes since 2006.  This has ensured there is a good cross-section of all strains of carp including the original fisher pond mirrors, clean commons, heavily scaled mirrors, fully plated and linear’s. 



This lake has been stocked with the same strains of carp as ‘The Res’ to 30lb+ with a good head of 20’s and doubles. It has 5 purpose-built wood chipped swims socially positioned along one bank with plenty of water, features and opposite bank fishing available.  

With close convenient parking only a very short distance away and with flat banks this lake is also very accessible to everyone. This lake can be fished by individuals by pre-booking a swim or groups 4/5 exclusively hiring the lake.


The lake has been stocked with 50 carp to 35lb+ with a good head of 20’s and clean doubles to also target. It offers a closer range fishing experience to the other lakes and is great for intimate stalking, floater fishing etc.

Car parking is also conveniently close to this lake which makes unloading for a session a breeze.

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For me Berners has fast become the best day ticket lake in Essex - it would be hard to beat anywhere else. It also has a great winter form so I know where I will be spending my winter nights in years to come.

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Berners holds a very special place in my heart. I fished hard for a winter and had one of the most enjoyable seasons that I’ve ever had catching over 70 carp including Eric at 34.08 and approx 25 x 20’s too. I’ve since been back on many occasions and the growth rates just have to be seen to be believed. 
Writing this has made me realise that I haven’t been back for a while so it might be time to book myself a little trip.......

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Spent a couple of nights on berners Hall and not only is the stock amazing with stunning carp there’s also insane amount of big carp. Can’t wait to get back there.

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Berners is an amazing venue, I wish it was closer to my home so I could visit more often. Even though it is a 3 and a half hour treck it is well worth the journey any time of the year for a few bites. I have been lucky enough to visit a few times and the fish I have caught are amazing.



One of the best 30’s water in the UK I’d think, certainly on par with the likes of Brasenose, Oxlease etc. Many of them are absolutely stunning too!

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